Welshpool Country Music Festival 2019

32nd Welshpool Country and Western Music Festival Weekend of 19th 20th, and 21st July 2019

Weekend tickets for 2019 will be available in December 

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Welcome to the Welshpool Country Music Festival website!

The Festival is a fund raising event brought to you by the Heulwen Trust which is a Charity dedicated to providing boat trips for those who are less abled than most.  Look at the About us page for further details of our charitable activities and a link to the charity's web site heulwen trust

If you have been with us before you will know that the Festival takes place over a lazy music filled weekend on the Powis Castle Showground which is a truly stunning location enjoying spectacular views across the Severn Valley. It is within walking distance of Welshpool, a charming and traditional old market town which is known as The Gateway To Wales  We are privileged that the Earl of Powis allows us to use this facility.

The festival is going from strength to strength.  So many of you return year after year to enjoy the Show. Have a look at the Facebook page to catch up on the postings about past events and future developments.  Here you will find what people think about the event. Please like us on Facebook and join our group here (or use the link at the bottom of each page or the link to the right of this page).

The show starts on Friday evening in the Beer Tent and continues through to Sunday evening.  We are in the process of updating the line up page where (when done) you will be able to see details of the acts we have booked.  We will include links to the artiste's web pages so you can find out more about them. You can see who is booked from our 2019 leaflet / poster  click here to see a copy 

On Saturday (10.45am) and Sunday (9.45 am) the festivities begin with the Welshpool Westerners charge down the bank in traditional costume with guns* blazing, to the tune of "The South Will Rise Again". (*replica pistols only please!)

And each year our Westerners do us proud by closing the event with the Trilogy.  We have a clip of the Trilogy on our facebook page .  This year we have asked Pedro to lead singing of the Trilogy.  Worth staying for ... even our volunteers stop to watch!!

Rain or shine we have it covered with a 150 x 50 marquee (7,500 square foot). Perfect for party time!

Western bar is open from Friday evening ....... and local bar prices! Food stalls on site from a light snack to a tasty meal! 

Coming for the day or weekend, there is plenty to see and do. Free boat trip from the festival site along the local canal. Enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake in Rosie's Tea Tent for only £2.50.

2019 will see the Welshpool Westerners running their fast draw competition (winner has tankard and cash prize).  They will also let you try your hand at knife and axe throwing.  We hope to be joined by the Lincoln Regulators  (the best western re-enactment show we can find). 

You can find out what to expect at the Showground by clicking on our Facilities page 

If you want to know how to get to the show please see our Directions page but note that the google map is on "Contact" page.

If you want to find local ACCOMMODATION and other local sites please see the links bottom of the Directions page. If you want to find out what else goes on in and around Welshpool please try the Welshpool Tourist Information and go to their information page  

As with any event there are a number of people behind the scenes all doing their bit, far too many to mention individually but you know who you are....thank you!!! Also special thanks go to our sponsors: (if the link is coloured below please feel free to have a look at their web site) ... they have given us invaluable and excellent service and we are happy to recommend them

Some rules of the Festival

1. Be considerate of others on the site and treat others as you would hope to be treated by them.
2. Be quiet on the camping fields after 10pm and in particular do not run a generator after that time. 
3. Please comply with a request from a member of our team to do something or not to do something, 
4. Wear your wrist band at all times. Wrist bands that are not attached to you (e.g. in your pocket or purse or left in your car) are not valid. If your wrist band becomes detached please take it to the Secretary’s tent for a duplicate to be issued.
5. NO BARBECUES OR FIRES in the arena or car park areas.  In the camping area there are to be no fires or BBQ on the ground.  All BBQ must be raised off the ground
6. In the area in front of the stage we do not permit a Gazebo or other obstruction of the view of others. Gazebos may be erected in areas designated to the side of stage. 
7. Shooting practices must be away from the main arena
8. All dogs must be on a lead and under control at all times
9. Please do think if you can recycle (blue bins) any of your rubbish (black bins)
10. If you are on the BOBB list do not enter our site. If you have no idea what BOBB means, then you are not on that list. We have a note of people on the BOBB list.
11 We have decided that there will be NO GLASS allowed in the arena this year.
12   We do not permit trading at the festival unless you are booked in as a trader.  Anyone who does trade will be asked to leave without refund of entry fee

Please note that the Showfield is private. As organisers we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the field without giving a reason. We will ask you to leave if you do not comply with the rules of the site. We reserve the right not to refund your entry fee. 
If you are asked to leave you will not be permitted to come to future events. Thereafter, if you seek to enter a future event and are recognised then you will be asked to leave and your entry fee will be forfeit and will not be refunded.

Privacy Policy of the Heulwen Trust as organisers of the Welshpool Country and Western

The Heulwen Trust  is a Charity that runs the Welshpool Country and Western to fund the cost of running  our canal boats for those who suffer from a disability. 

We have two websites.  One relating to the Boats and one relating to the Country and Western Festival

On our websites we do not use cookies or otherwise collect data of who has looked at our site.  We do not utilise records for profiling visitors to the site.  We do not share information with any other organisation.  We do not have advertisers or sponsored links.  We do not store information on the cloud.  Our servers are based in the UK.  Whilst we do not permit remote electronic access to our records we are told that our web services provider does maintain server access logs for debugging security and service review ( but not for marketing) but access to such is limited to the authorised individuals.  The information is only retained for as long as such functions require and thereafter deleted 

We do have links on our website to other websites to assist you.  We do not record whether you use such links.  We are not responsible for the contents of any third party website and you should please satisfy yourself that you are content with the policies of such third party websites.

What we do record

When a members of the public makes contact with us we will use their contact information to respond to the enquiry whether that enquiry is of a general nature or relates to a boat booking or an advance ticket sale for the Country and Western.

To enable us to respond to an enquiry we may pass on details to the appropriate member of the Trust to respond.   Details of enquiries and responses will be retained as a record of both the enquiry and our response

We will record details of enquiries from people who are interested in and subsequently do use our boats.  We will also record details of people who want to buy advance tickets for the Country and Western.   These records are retained to record the legal contract entered into.

All personal information is stored on devices which have access restricted to authorised individuals 

Please use the contact us page if you wish to ascertain what records we hold for you.  If our records are inaccurate we would be delighted to rectify them.  Whilst we are happy to erase and amend inaccurately held information or to record your wish that you do not wish to be contacted by us, please be aware that any records of the contractual details will be retained during the statutory contractual limitation period.  

So now we prepare for 2019.  Tickets will go on sale on 1st December and early birds can buy a ticket for the weekend for the same price as we charged in 2018.  From Monday 7th January until 30th April we will charge £35 per person for a ticket.  After 1st May the charge will be £40 for the weekend.  Day tickets will be £15.00 per person.

from December click on BOOK NOW to buy your ticket


But you can bring glass onto the camping fields Please plan your booze purchases accordingly 

Due to the hot weather we have re thought the BBQ policy and gazebo ban. There are to be NO FIRES on the ground anywhere in the festival site.  Any barbeques must be away from the arena and car park areas and must be located above the ground.  So any portable BBQs must NOT be put on the ground.

Gazebos cause obstruction of the view of others but it is likely to be hot.  We have decided to continue with the ban of gazebos etc in front of the stage but we will designate areas to the side of the stage where gazebos umbrellas and other sun shades will be permitted.  If you choose to sit in these areas you view of the stage may well be obstructed.

If you were at our first festival in 1988 please contact us, 

Don't forget at the Festival you can get a free boat ride on the very boats we are raising money for.

If you are in Western dress, you were entitled to half price admission to Powis Castle just up the road from the festival site.  Please let us know if you did go and if the price was or was not discounted



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Two of our volunteers whose photo was taken on site by our festival photographer.  
Recognise the background from the festival site?
NO??? Looks realitic?
If you visit our very own festival photographer, you too can select your background